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Here is some of my personal work. Please before I really have to say that before you favorite please comment about it or I zap thee:evillaugh:
So please enjoy yourself:sing:

People that draw charcters or me

What people have drawn characters for me. :D


Here is some pretty awesome pieces of art I found going down in deviantart lately so come and take a look at these pretty cool works of other artists work!!!


Ebonii Unleashed Page 02 by Wrenzephyr2

This is a very good piece of work. It allowed a character to shine like Ebonii. It is priginal being that you don't so much changes to ...


Sun Sep 14, 2014, 7:38 PM
I'm like the only person on your visitors list that actually _has_ an icon XD
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thanks for the watch
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I found a button, Anyone know what it is used for?
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STOP! Shouting time!
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Going to try a Old School RPG, which should I beat first? 

7 deviants said Final Fantasy VI
7 deviants said Fallout 2
5 deviants said Other suggestions for a cool Old School RPG
3 deviants said Secret of Mana
2 deviants said Phantasy Star IV
1 deviant said Ultima VII: The Black Gate
1 deviant said Shining Force II
No deviants said Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss
No deviants said Phantasy Star II



Young Guardians: A Lovely End, Pt 3 by Sireontip
Young Guardians: A Lovely End, Pt 3
Well comrades here is the next part of a Lovely End, featuring Ellie (belonging to him), with Em and Maddie (belonging to :iconknight3000:) which takes place among the land of :iconangel-fallsda: Now lets enjoy the show story. :)

A Change of Identity

Toram Mal chuckles as he looks into his new plaything. A former church boy now made into a possible female maiden. For weeks he has tried to influence her to become a priestess of his bidding. Still he watches her, his work on her is not done yet. The maiden is being changed to suite his own carnal needs, especially if the priestess is to serve him.

Either way in his dark and lonely vigil he is relaxes. He watches for a new priestess to come to him, “Oh my, oh my, I am so lonely without the priestess.” He then chuckles even more, “Oh my, oh my, I am so lonely without a priestess.” With the final time he sighs, “Oh my, oh my, I am so lonely without my priestess.” Toram Mal whistles in the air. Several shadows appear around him. “Oh now my friends go out and make sure the priestess falls under my influence.” The shadows then disperse.

They leave Toram Mal to just sit in his thrown, in the lonely vigil.



Ellie sleeps and has nightmares. She dreams of being consumed by Toram Mal. Of being forgotten and forced to worship a would-be god….a demon. But these night mares must be contained and controlled. Her duty as a Young Guardian must be held. She gets up and starts he day, no matter how monotonous it may be. She takes off her clothes and goes in the shower. As she washes her body, she can’t help but notice how she gotten used to it so fast.

Nonetheless ammo must be gathered for an occasion where a fight is necessary. Today she chooses her most dangerous and lovely rifle, the M-1 Garand known as Mary Glee. Ellie looks at the simple craftsmanship of the rifle. She is Beautiful and elegant, albeit a little bit rough. Her origins are unknown, but her certification number is still there and she has served in WW2.


Alas this is not her greatest concern. She stares at a new outfit. A disguise, she has been like this for a few weeks and people are now starting to get suspicious. Everyone knows that binding her breasts and hiding her hair under a helmet is going to fail eventually. Still she can fall between the cracks. Looking outside it is still a good time to search for Toram Mal. Still little comfort has been found with her team. They still stare at her as if she is outcast. Lately they have been avoiding her.


At times some of the dude members stare at her chest (they are G cups)…well to give them some condolence she probably.  She sighs as she walks out of her self-imposed exile with a rifle in her hand. Still she knows Em is always around. After the incident the night before, Maddie has put Em to watch her at all times and makes sure that Ellie is sent to Aria for mental evaluation. Still Ellie sighs in a sort of boredom as Maddie has forbidden Ellie to track down Toram Mal in an event that she will fall more into his influence.


Still a smile comes over her face. Today she is going to defy the rules again. She is going to a bar known as “A Dark Whole in the Wall.” She sneaks out of the base and looks forward. But an unknowing or rather friend is following Ellie. She then lands abruptly in front of her, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Ellie looks over her shoulder and sighs, “Hey Em….well I am going to hunt down Toram Mal.” Em then biffs her, “No you are not. You are going to stay in the base. Just what Maddie orders.” She then smiles, “Or you can take me with you and see what trouble we can make.”

Ellie sighs and looks at her clock, “Well I can schedule trouble.” She then walks off. Em flutters above her, “So what the hell are you doing Ellie, you know you can’t be out here.” Ellie has a chuckle, “Such orders can’t bind me down.” Em then pats her head, “Well if anything happens I am the one punished.” Ellie smirks, “Well tough luck.” Ellie then runs off into the distance with Em casually flying by her, “Yeah right, you know as a chick everyone likes you more. I mean you are more outgoing and more energetic then you were before. You may think you isolate yourself. But come on you smile more and you actually seem to have calmed down.” Ellie sighs, “Everyone only likes a façade and a pretty face.”

Ellie then jumps over a wall and lands on top of a car “Besides I am living is a lie made by a false God, whom I intend to defeat and regain my former self, God willing.” Ellie then starts the car and drives up. With Em taking the passenger side of her vehicle. Em then looks at the determination of Ellie, “What did he take away your masculinity that hard that you have to go and regain that manhood by yourself.” Ellie nods, “Yes….I know I might need help…but every clue and information I can gain will make sure everyone is safe and I get my manhood back.” Em has a good laugh, “Really? I honestly think this is a vast improvement and also” She then takes the strap Ellie’s bra and releases, “Ouch! Really while driving?” Em laughs, “Hey I can save this car faster than you can crash it.” Em grumbles a bit “True that”

As they park they are in front of the bar. Ellie then leaves her gun in the car, “Well then let’s investigate.” Em yawns and follows, “Sure boss, wait I can trump you in authority.” She then takes out some clothes and then drags Ellie back into the car. After a bit Ellie gets out with a tight black tube bra and some pure black jeans with a slight metal sheen. With Em with a black Atlantean like club outfit. She then says, “We gotta blend in right?” Ellie seems irritated and blushes as they show her body, “No kidding, they are just so revealing.” Em then has a cruel cackle, “That is for everyone to see you.”

Ellie blushes and then walks in, “Alright, but I will punch if they stare too long.” Em then laughs, “That a girl! Let your wild side out! A club is a perfect place to do it Ms. Prude a Lot. I have a feeling that you are hornier than Esau. Am I right? Titan Tits.” Ellie then blushes shocked on what she just said but walks into the bar. As they enters they see all sorts of Goth’s and normal people dancing and drinking. But this is not Ellie’s business.  Em enjoys herself by getting herself Jack Daniels and walking about, “What’s wrong? Boobs getting to you?” Ellie looks at Em, “No…it’s just…” Em has a laugh, “OH because they are so huge? Or is it because you are a prude?”


Em then takes Ellie to the dance floor. Forcing Ellie to have fun for once, “Ell there are things you need to know, life is not all bout searching for the next mission. It is about the next distraction as well.” Em dances rather shamelessly compared to Ellie who dances just enough to look suspicious. As she dances Ellie then smirks and sees a dude eyeing Ellie. Em then comes over to him, “Hey, are you looking at the big boobed gal there?” The dude replies, “Of course….she is magnificent…and her curves…” He seems more shameless than Em, “You know she has not passed on the red beans and rice, an itty bitty waist and her other two attributes.” Em seems to chuckle, “What do you feel sprung?” She then think, ‘Oh yeah this guy is a freak. A perfect prank for Ellie, I am curious how she would act, could that new look change her view on life?”

With a chuckle Em watches, as she whispers in the dude’s ear, “Well why don’t you go after her?” The Dude smiles, “Sure, names Adrian, I will remember you when I land this hot babe.” Adrian leaves and Em notices something strange. A T-shirt that says, “TORAM AWESOME”. Em keeps watch and sees Adrian approaches Ellie. As he smiles he says “hey babe I noticed you from the edge of the club” Ellie replies in a blunt manner, “All the men have noticed me.” Ellie then has a good smirk, “Well then how about I get you a drink. So we can talk.” Ellie has a good chuckle as she puts her hands on her hip, “Really if you want to ask me out or anything I might be manly than you can ever be.” Adrian then whispers, “Well then give me a chance. I can do more than you can think.”


Ellie notices his T-shirt saying, ‘TORAM AWESOME. Ellie despite her reluctance, “Well hot stuff” She then thinks ‘God my body is attracted to this jerk. Still maybe I can use this for my advantage. She then tries to act seductive, “Please I want to know.” Adrian has a bright smile and nods, “Well I got it from some weird dude.” Then a series of chains surrounds Adrian and pulls him on to the side. With Em having a wide and cruel smile, “Well then is he still here?”  Adrian has a great amount of fear and then miniature doglike things known as ‘fluffies’. He then says, “He is still around here!!!” He then points, “Right over there!” He points to a strange cloaked man in white walking around.


Em smiles, “Oh right let’s get to it.” Ellie sighs and whispers to Adrian, “What is your relation with this man?” Adrian then says, “Like the fuck I know he was just giving out these t-shirts for free.” Ellie sighs, “Alright” Adrian then has a bright smile and pats Ellie’s shoulder, “Now that I helped you out, how about we go for a thank you smooch.” Ellie sighs, “No, but maybe another time.” She then winks and then goes to the cloaked man. Em releases Adrian and laughs then walking toward Ellie, “Tough luck maybe you will have better luck next time.” Adrian smiles, “Whatever girl you are mine.” He then seems to silently follow her but in the background.


Ellie and Em walk forward to the cloaked man. As they approach him he is wearing a long blue coat with a black top hat. His face is almost pure white with green eyes. He looks straight at the two girls, “Well then maidens are you here to see the wonders of Toram Mal?” Ellie looks at the strange man, “You sure make a horrifying scene of Toram Mal’s power.” The Cloaked man smiles and closes his eyes. A swerving power surrounds him and his eyes to a gentler set of eyes, “Well I know the power is scary sometimes but it is holy.” Em holds her hands over her mouth and has a loud yawn, “Blah Blah Blah, You talk too much.” Em summons the fluffies and then chains surrounds the cloaked man.

Ellie seems peeved, “Well how about I stick you with a knife. Tell me where is Toram Mal I have to visit him to regain something I lost.” The Cloaked man smiles with an evil smile and the twists his hand a bit, “Well then I know you lost your manhood, but it’s for the greater good, especially since a priestess cannot be a hideous man. But how might I help you again?” Em smiles and nearly yells in glee, “Fat chance we are going to take all the intelligence my way.” Ellie then uses her electricity to start the electric wave goes through the chains. The Cloaked man though smiles, “Oh but it won’t be that easy”.


Suddenly Ellie feels something twist in her stomach and falls down, “What the….uhhh…” Em then looks angrier, “What the hell did you do to Ell!” The Cloaked man laughs and then his form and body twists, “I am making her into what Toram Mal wishes to see.” He then suddenly turns into three snakes slithering away. Em tries to blast them but they escape. Adrian watches in horror but stomps on one of the snakes head and it dies. While the other the other two escape the building but get ran over by a truck, killing them.

Em stomps the ground with a short electric burst “Damn it that guy decided to kill himself.” Em then turns her head and sees Ellie changing and twisting, becoming taller and breasts growing expanding from a G cup to an H cup, then to an ‘I’ cup and finally an O cup…sadly her metal bra comes apart. She then says nothing and gets up. Staggering a bit, “Dang.” Em then catches Ellie, “Don’t worry I got you.” Ellie feels the deep weight coming from her chest, “hot dang….what did he do to me?” As Ellie sees herself in the reflections she notices her hair is not as curly as it once was…it is much straighter, “do I even look like myself?” Em then sighs, “No…you don’t. You look like pictures of your mother, except well much taller.”


The Young man Adrian in the background just laughs, “Well you look just as gorgeous. If not more so.” Suddenly a light comes over him, “Sorry I had to laugh. I was sent from your god to check on you. I know you may be asking why me, but let’s say he is the big boss. But call me Begochidi”.  He seems to then become a more godlike being, “I am here to help the downtrodden you are the downtrodden thus needs help.” Ellie seems to coughs, “Sorry sir” She has a laugh with Em then holding her up, “Easy there” Ellie has a chuckle as she lets up, “Right….sounds a little farfetched for someone with a name like “One who touches women’s breasts’…..”


Begochidi has a good laugh and stands confidently. He then looks into her eyes, “Now then calm down. I am here to help. Besides your God told me that why you were destined to change, because of your disobedience to those that were sent to help you.” He looks around, “Seems I am too late to stop anything.” Begochidi sighs and says, “I can only give you friendly advice now for your ignorance Ellie. Go with the daughter of Poseidon and listen to them. This was a message for your god.” Begochidi then disappears out of sight. 


Em then lifts Ellie up, “Damn Titan Tits you grown tall…even taller than me. I told you not to disobey Maddie and look what happened. I suppose there is a punishment for everything.” Ellie seems to say nothing out of shame. Em sighs and pats her back, “Calm down Titan tits atleast you did not become some sort of animal as Circe would have done. I would not want some sort of spirit wolf animal.” She then chuckles with a small laugh. “Oh perfect then I would be having a sad howl.”


As they fly back to the Guardians base. A woman with a commanding presence waits in front of the door. Her hair is half orange and half white. She seems to be in her 30’s but is in reality more than 20 years older. Her name is Phyrefrost or better known as Maddie the headmistress of the Guardians. Normally she is considered one of the most respected members of the Guardians and a teacher of hero teams. But she has one disobedient student. Esau or after this predicament Ellie is a problem. She is more promising than any of the Young Guardians, hell she and Esau is more experienced and more skilled at the craft of hero work. But that stubbornness causes her to gain white hair every day.


Nonetheless Maddie sees her protégé Em brings in a strange girl. She is very tall and well has huge breasts to Maddie. But the face…it looks like a person who introduced her to hero work….Ultra Nurse….that face…she seems to almost gasp in shock. But then reality steps forth to her, by instinct Maddie realize that the strange girl…is Ellie. Instead of yelling she calmly says, “Well now it seems you disobeyed me again.” Ellie seems to look down awaiting the punishment from Maddie to come. Instead a gentle hand comes, “I am not going to yell at you. That’s not going to solve anything. She then looks at her in the eyes, “Since you don’t look nothing like your normal self I have a different punishment for you.”

Ellie looks like she is concerned, “What is the punishment ma’am?” Maddie then has a smile and an aura of absolute confidence, “You have to accept a new identity. With the way you are now, no one will believe that you are Testament or Esau in matter of fact.” Maddie then holds her head, “Well then now this is what I want you to do. Talk to your teammates and for now on. LISTEN TO MY ORDERS WITHOUT DEVIATION! Is that understood? Or there would be worse to come, I am being very lenient now. Besides we have to think of new names to give you. There is already a hat full of names we came up with, Ellie.” Maddie then pulls out a name, “Gun Maiden that is what you will be known as.”

Ellie blushes and then trips “Ahhh!” She stops herself from falling down. Maddie sighs, “Well it seems now you know how large breasted women feel.” She has a laugh. “Feel like you are tipping over isn’t ya?” Maddie then smiles in a sort of victory, “Well you have to get to it, including more weightlifting for your shoulder for support.” Ellie sighs, “Got it Maddie” She slings her rifle and sighs. She has been defeated for now, “Perfect”. 

Well I am interested in getting my sketching done, so I am opening a character suggestion for any OC who is only seen in a Kisakae program, so note me or leave a common with a link of your character. Who knows, I might draw them. 
Of a Strange Bomb in Guam (tg) by Sireontip
Of a Strange Bomb in Guam (tg)
Well this is a picture of a Marine during the battle of Guam that got hit by a strange bomb...while the rest of his Company was safe. But he started to twist and change...into that of a beautiful dark skinned a Polynesian looking girl from Guam...all the poor schmuck can question is what the Japanese did to her in that bomb. 
Well when I am breaking from assignments I need a drawing to help my mind feel at ease, so I might pick any commentators or notes in their character and have them carry a rifle I see them carrying. Well that's about it. 
Well when I am breaking from assignments I need a drawing to help my mind feel at ease, so I might pick any commentators or notes in their character and have them carry a rifle I see them carrying. Well that's about it. 
Well I am interested in getting my sketching done, so I am opening a character suggestion for any OC who is only seen in a Kisakae program, so note me or leave a common with a link of your character. Who knows, I might draw them. 


Government Shut down commissions
Well I am affected by the US government shutdown and I need some cash just in case. All of these are going to be digitally drawn. CASH PROFFERED

So I am opening 7 dollar commission deals on digital comics (Colored Scale) and 5 dollars (Grey Scale)
Examples: (Colored Scale) (Grey scale)


5 dollar pin ups (colored scale) 4 dollars )Grey Scale) (color scale) (grey scale)

I thank you again for any assistance you give and I hope you all well.

bee'ak'ihojidlihi (God Bless you)


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Name:Sireontip or Sire
Live:Who knows but the life

What I do:Drawing is my life.

What you draw: I draw Native American, Fantasy, super hero, Girls(any excuse to draw),and Life itself. Aka Anything I want at anytime.

Special Ability: Cause burning and destroying fire or ude my own words.Alter anything in my drawing universe, especially in my comics Mwa Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

Music: anything that is good.

Food: Any food that is good

Native American Tribe: Dine and Tomoke Shoshone

Personal Personal quote: "Don't give up!!!! Stand!!!

Current Residence: within the light
Favourite genre of music: I like evey type, except horrible disco
Favourite style of art: Anime, Manga, Super Heroe and much more
MP3 player of choice: An I-Pod Nano 2007
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard
Personal Quote: Never Stop, Never Backdown


Sireontip has started a donation pool!
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Well I am just gonna put up the point value to see I guess who would donate. :)
50 point sketches if your interested.

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Commission List and Art Trade

Character Drawings

5 dollars for one character

Simple coloring: 2.50 dollars

Complicated: 5 dollars

simple background: 2.50 dollars

Complicated background: 5.00 dollars

Characters: 2.00 dollars per character


10 dollars for 1 page

5 dollars for page two and so on

Simple coloring: 3.50 dollars

Complicated: 6 dollars

simple background: 3.50 dollars

Complicated background: 6.00 dollars

Characters: 2.00 dollars per character

Risen the prices since they are more problematic to draw.

Hopefully they are not to much. I will only accept four slots so note me if you want a commission.

On art trades note me and I might think about it.


Progress on Commissions
Slot Open
Slot Open
Slot Open
Art Trades:
none but ask.


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